Soft tissue surgery

(a) Mucogingival surgery- Plastic periodontal surgery

In many cases, our patients experience issues with gum recession. This may cause cosmetic or tooth sensitivity problems. In some occasions, gum recession may impair proper hygiene of the area, resulting in inflammation. In order to avoid loss of attachment, these lesions must be treated with one of the soft tissue surgical procedures available. These involve the placement of a soft tissue graft, obtained from a donor site in the patient's mouth (autografts), another human donor (allografts) or can be of animal origin (xenografts). In our practice, autografts and xenografts are exclusively used.

Similar surgical procedures may be performed in sites of implant placement. By increasing the thickness of peri-implant tissue, oral hygiene is facilitated and the appearance may be improved.

Χειρουργική μαλακών ιστών

(b) Crown lengthening procedures

Frequently, the restoration of teeth with extensive decay or fractures, requires surgical exposure of healthy tooth substance. In such cases, a simple surgical procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia, involving recontouring of the gums and bone around the tooth.

In some cases, patients are unhappy with the appearance of their gums, especially in the anterior areas of the upper jaw, where the gums may cover part of the clinical crowns of the teeth, thus resulting in the so-called "gummy smile". Is such cases, the teeth appear shorter than they actually are. This problem is easily resolved by crown lengthening surgery.

(c) Frenectomy

The frenulum is a narrow band of connective tissue, connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth and the lips to the attached gingivae of the middle line and and the premolar areas. When the frenulum is too short, too thick or has a high attachment, in the case of the tongue speech may be impaired or, in the case of the labial frenulum, the gums may be "pulled", resulting in recessions.

In these cases, the frenulum is removed by a minor surgical procedure.

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